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saw it in recommended list........awaen share kr deya, waise dekhna Suhas bhai....kafi ala scene h....waise yeh Korean cinema h, just a guess??????
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991). It's an Hong-Kong based "Japanese" movie. The story is inspired from a Japanese Manga. And hold your breath it has 7.2 rating in IMDB.

And if you're still holding your breath, here's the link for the full movie.
And if the whole movie is too much to watch, here's the video covering all the masterpiece scenes from that movie. Always good for having an healthy sunday with this kinda laughing,
LOL..........oper sy to waise he fazol h as far as rating is concerned

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Buahhahahah.........just completed the last video which you termed as the Winner, no competition here.......How he takes out that sword at 05:30 from his coat is amazing, even Hackle And Jackal's miracle briefcase can't hide that big sword......n ice on cake is that epic BG score.......I mean MZAQ K BHI KOI HADD HOTI HAI YAAR

Aj sy Shahrukh ny apna aik fan kho deya h.....Aj sy Balayya-THE GREAT he meray favorite hain

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That BG score was added for the video to make it more funny. The original BG score would've had you in splits.
@Baadshah..please be active today at 3-6PM(IST)..for the competetion and try to  answer the questions..!!
Suhas: i know yaar....BG ka he to mza h, jis kisay ny bhi BG choose keya h fun k liye usay salute h

Anand: Biki told me abt 2morow 9pm thing, will try to be active
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ROFL..LMAO..!! All videos are damn funny.. Ballaya is the winner... easily..

by Star (151k points)

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