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Bang Bang for me.

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Bang Bang ofcourse..!!
Yeh bhi koi puch ne wali baat hai..??

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I would watch both of course on back to back days,bt ur post is tough,coz i like HR more though i also like saif,while i think Phantom will be a better film plus i like director kabir khan's work.

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Phantom first bang bang next

answered by Camera Operator (8.2k points)
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Will decide after watching trailer but from looks of things Phantom is sounding more interesting

answered by Assistant Director (58.4k points)
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Phantom since I have already seen knight and day that to by paying it for in theatres

answered by Camera Operator (10.8k points)
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Easy to choose, it's bang bang anyday...........

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Bang bang.................

answered by Cinematographer (90.1k points)
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Bang bang anyday....
I will watch both but my first preference will be Bang bang because of Hr's comeback in Stylish Action..
Phantom will be more serious intense Movie so I will watch it later..

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Phantom for me easily................Expects it to have better direction n acting as compared to Bang Bang

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Bang bang first. Phantom looks interesting though. I feel as a movie phantom will be better, but bang bang is a sure shot bb

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I will watch bang bang for sure.

answered by Assistant Director (52.5k points)
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Jo Phantom dekhega ooh log Satiya gaye hain. Bang Bang anyday. Phantom will be kicked out of theater in 1 week as OUATIMD.

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