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I am not talking about people dancing in theatres, shouting, screaming & stuff. I'm talking about films running for 100 days atleast in a theatre & being able to celebrate the 100 days run.

Going to share few videos of films down south, ofcourse Telugu films which released in post 2009 & yet are successfully completing the 100 days run & the scenario which Bollywood faces is same to all other big industries like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam & Kannada. Still it's only Bollywood movies, whose theatrical run has come down to 4-5 weeks maximum. The last one being Bodyguard (2011) which ran upto 14 weeks before losing it's theaters to below 10 or even below 5 & further not having any sort of news regarding such celebrations. The last 25 weeks run for Bollywood being Tere Naam (2003), where the entire movie crew celebrated it in an event (Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha music release function) where everyone were given mementos.

This is Gabbar Singh (2012) completing it's 100 days video. The theater was sold out & like it happens with every other big Telugu hit movies, other than the movie itself, the theatre shows a special showreel consisting of songs & movie scenes. It's a tradition in Andhra Pradesh where people demand the theatre people infact the one who operates the projector to re-project the songs or scenes which they like. I vividly remember my mom telling how it was to watch Kshana Kshanam, an RGV classic entertainer starring Venkatesh & Sridevi, where 2 songs were made to put for minimum of 5 times during the movie itself. The next scene was never allowed to be continued, once the song ended, it was re-played on the screen.

Anyways this video is from a theatre in Rajamundry, Andhra Pradesh.

Ofcourse, in the above theatre, they played songs from Magadheera & also Chiranjeevi's song from Mrugaraju. Well it's Mega Family Power anyways.

And this is another one for the same film. And here, the theatre itself projects on the screen which says "Celebrating 100 days Power Star" while running the film. As a moviegoer I personally hate this since I had this experience in a theatre where they had projected on the screen asking me to park my vehicle in the vehicle stand which in an hurry I had parked it just next to the theatre staff parking.



If the above videos were from Gabbar Singh completing 100 days, which released in 2012. Here is a video of Attarintiki Daredi's 100 days in Sandhya theatre again. And this movie had released last year to become the highest grosser of Telugu Film Industry. This time too the theatre played Chiranjeevi's song & the craze.... you'll have to witness it yourself because that song is literally an anthem for Megastar's fans.


And these celebrations are not limited to Pawan Kalyan starrers alone. The below videos are the 100 days celebrations of Mahesh Babu starrer Dookudu (2011) & Businessman (2012). And if my above description of the events that happens in a theatre were confusing then you should watch this video of Dookudu's celebrations which gives an literary explaination as well. A well edited recorded video.


The next video is from the 100 days celebration of Magadheera (2009) where not so surprisingly Pawan Kalyan's Jalsa (2008) title song was played on screen. Anyways Magadheera was a film which successfully completed 700 days run in theaters & is the only movie in recent times to have run for 2 years in a theatre.


And if you thought I am talking about only Telugu movies then here's the video of 100 days celebration of Thuppakki (2012) starring Vijay & the special show was not held in a theatre but in Anna University.


Anyways all the above videos are the celebration of 100 days in those respective states. Rajinikanth proves why he's the biggest superstar India has ever seen. His Enthiran (2010) celebrates 100 days not just in India but in Singapore too. 

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Very soon this 100days fun may disappear in telugu , tamil industries also.

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Excellant work dude ,great info.

by Assistant Director (57.3k points)
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I don't think Bollywood films will have 100 days run in theatres in Todays time i mean telugu, tamil, and Kannada, audience they treat stars like god(which i don't like to say) when they films release they just throng to theatres like zombies and does other stuff like "Putting huge garlands on stars statue" or pouring milk on it man bollywood stars doesn't have such fans and Thanks to big release most people watch films easily if film is good then they will comeback if not they won't but in South it's a reverse case see Attirintiki Daridi completed 100 days even after half movie being released on *** DVD'S before it's theatrical release but still it became highest grosser of last year and completed 100 days it shows how south people care about stars

by Assistant Director (45.4k points)
It's not only south people care to the stars dude.There are few other reasons also like
1 cap on ticket prices in AP/TN states.
2 polical parties & castism .
3 telugu/tamil nativity

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