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U can ask after 300 points


Oh ok...thnx bdw...


@Kashyap - Are S26, OUATIMD, Joker, OMG, HF2, DesiBoyz, Thankyou, Patiala House, Khatta Meetha, HF, DeDanaDan masala movies???????


Kashyp are u mad when Akhay and shahrukh sticked to masala mavies, even both of them doing some upcoming movies which are not masala.

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The way SRK performed in CDI I think everyone will abide by the fact that he should do Dhyanchand's biopic.
Salman Khan should work in the biopic of his own as he himself is huge personality and lot of facts about him are unknown to public.
Aamir should do biopic on great Sachin Tendhulkar. He can pull it off as he was great in Lagaan.
Ajay Devgan can do justice to a politicians role so Narendra Modi would be good.
Akshay Kumar should do biopic on Lalu Prasad Yadav as Lalu entertains in his every sentence and I am sure only he can do justice to that role.
Hrithik Roshan would be for depiction of any God.
Ranbir Kapoor may be for Charlie Chaplin as he was great in Barfii.

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Srk- Dhyanchand
Salman- John Cena
Aamir- Sachin Tendulkar
Akshay- Jacky Chan
HR- Rahul Dravid
Ranbir Kapoor- Messy
Ajay- APJ Abdul Kalam Sir

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Shah Rukh- aryabhatta, sutra, brahma gupta(i want someone to tell 'bout indian contribution in science & maths.. Sutra gave pythgoras theorem, brahma gupta infinity)
Aamir- Susutru!(who invented surgery.. Even plastic surgery.. Gall bladder stone surgery)
Hrithik- Buddha!
Ajay- A inspirational writer can be any.. premchand the most!
Salman- lal bahadur sashtri!
Akshay- Satyajit ray, Guru dutu!
Ranbir- DhyanChand!
Amit ji- Ravindranath tagore!

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Srk-Maharana pratap
Salman-Muhammed ali
Aamir-Hansie cronje
Hrithik-Jesus christ
Akshay-Imran khan(cricketer)
Ranbir-Steve jobs
Ajay-Dhirubhai ambani

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