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Hey, I was thinking, what if we allow asking sports questions too! Iam a sportsfreak! so i thought in order to improve the accessibility of this site and it will allow new users to come to this site!

What say?

Yes, why not? (7 votes, 100%)
No, are you mad? (0 votes)
Maybe, so-so (0 votes)
Big no, STFU - Zin! ;) (0 votes)
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100% Accept Rate
Hmm Good Idea................................
Waiting for others response too!

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Yes i love Cricket & Diehard fan of Yuvraj Singh good idea we should discuss sports also in this forum

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Crcket/Football or anything! Am a big Football fan!
Ya good idea go ahead and announce it
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yes its a good idea but i am only interested in cricket and that too i have lost much interest in cricket after retirement of Sachin because for me cricket means Sachin

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Only interested in Football and F1...Dont have much interest in cricket....Its good you included this one

answered by All Time best! (269k points)
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Yeah,Why Nt?? I'm a big fan of sports!! India mein sirf do cheez chalti hain...Cinema & Cricket!!

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Yes.... It's A Good Idea.... I Love Cricket, Tennis And Also WWE.... I Am Die-Hard Fan Of Tennis Star Roger Federer....

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