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Though I'm a very big fan of class film & Farhan Akhtar,bt I wasnt excited about this film...as i dnt like biographic films..these were so boring..bt i cnt stop myself 4m going 2 cinema hall in a friday morning!! so i forcefuly sat in the theatre hall...bt tell u wat,The entry scene of Farhan (as Milkha Singh) changed my mind! the film was outstanding!! one of the best film of recent time...Farhan is a great actor,and he proves it once again...he doesn't played the role,but he lives the role...of course his carrier best performance,but he played the role so effortlessly...Sonam & other actors are decent in their small roles...direction is awesome,screenplay is fabulous!! picturisation of the film is so good dat when Milkha Singh runs in the race,its like you are watching him in the stadium...I knw as always,even this time Farhan's performance would be under-rated..but impact of the film would be always live with the audience whoever watch the film..there r so many moments in the film where tears came in my eyes...my ratins-5/5...best film of the year,beats 'Lootera'!!

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I am gonna watch it on Sunday, probably, and after reading your and some other reviews, my expectations are higher than ever.
Hows the film???
Even though I went with great expectations, it still exceeded my expectations. Great film, loved it. Farhan's performance was awesome, man it was like he really felt Milka. Sonam is unnecessary, but okay. Love the film, and would probably watch it again next or next to next week.

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It was a great movie and arguably the finest/best film of the year 2013! Wow loved it!M review follows~

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just one word for the film & Farhan's performance-simply outstanding & awesome

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