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Bowling is a department which was always weak in team india but now their batting is struggling as well....whats the reason?
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Bcoz india are ghar ke sher..

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Solah aane sach.
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Poor bowling as always and bad batting by openers and middle order only 2 played well and we can say Ghar ke sher bahar Dher....

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Really dissapointed with the result! India is much capable of doing better! Dnt knw what happens to them in overseas. Dhoni can do better i feel he is the best captain, just need to be more dedicated in overseas!

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Main reasons -
1. Dhoni's dictatorship
2.Too many chaaploosi in selection commitee
3 .NZ was better in all departments

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bhai team selection mein main kaam saara uska hai , islie
bahi batsman jitna bhi achcha hai par apni man mani karta hai selection mein , eg raina , rohit , ashvin ,etc or rahi baat worldcups ki vo bhut badi achievement hai lekin aage ka bhi sochna hai ki ab aage kya us 2011 world cup ke baad 4-0 england , 4-0 australia , 2-0 SA , 4-0 NZ
Yea their Away record is terrible after WC..
yaar his selection is based on favorism..........n terrible thing is that he don't get what he deserves as a fast bowler........he is supposed to be a fantastic captain for fast bowlers

how can i question Shoaib Akhtar's words when asked about whom he would like to play under ''Dhoni, he is a fantastic captain for fast bowlers......calm......bowler ko maar par rahi h to chup kr k khra rhta h''

ab Chennai Super Kings ka bhrm bhi to rakhna h na....Raina wgaira nhn nikalay jatay.........he is fantastic captain but a poor/biased selector
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Bhaiya naya kya hai...Pathetic performance continued........Now I used to such news..agar jeet jati toh ajeeb lagta...Dhoni and his Anmol Ratan....I think they should tour Zimbabwe or Kenya for betterment of overseas Record..
Honi ko Anhoni kar de Aisa hai apna Dhoni;
Favoritism ki Limit kar di toh yahi toh Honi....

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Dhoni should remove csk players first . becouse he is playing for india.

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