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I think the Lifetime collections of OUATIMD in the domestic market would be around the 105cr mark,i.e.around 140cr gross,while the overseas collections would be around 6 ml dollar mark(Akshay isn't that big in the overseas market,but still this is an good figure for him),with good business in the middle east due to the movie dealing with Dawood Ibrahim's life.So if i take the exchange rate to be 55(i know the exchange rate is more right now),then its 33cr.So Worldwide Gross collections=140cr+33=173cr
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Bro just like you wrote in the other one....and i wrote and article..check it out..
tell me how is it....
Don't you think the opening is a little high, I mean, 7 crore, 23 crore is good enough, but 7 crore?
I would rather say 5.75 crore, 6.75-7 crore, 8.5 crore.
I am going for a 6.5-7....but most probably 6.5 i think but rounded it up at 7,saturday 7.5 to 8,sunday then maybe 9cr.....but weekend will be in that range
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It Would Be Around Maximum 150cr.....100cr In India,& U Can Expect 50cr In Ovrseas Bcoz Of The Content
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It can do 35-40cr maximum at overseas box office.
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it will collect 50cr domestic

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90-110 crores from Indian Box Office and around 30-35  crores from Overseas.
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dude check out the site...i wrote the lootera one

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