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She dnt even know ABC of acting!!

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She is not judged on that basis. She ain't overrated, well perhaps a little overrated but not much, as Indian audience is not seeing the acting, mass is dominating, they don't give a damn about acting, all they care about is looks, and Katrina is the best in that for me, I love her, she is very sexy, her dance is hot, so logically she ain't very overrated.

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rather than being an over-rated actress,i think she is extremely lucky that even without knowing the ABC of acting,she has always been in the top league and in this way she can be termed as over-rated because i have never seen anyone saying that Katrina is even an average actress.so definitely she is over-rated but not on acting basis

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She is beautiful but she should work on her Acting skills but she is improving Movie by Movie as off now yes she is overrated

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