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Dhoom 3 his character was made to look useless but he has to be given credit for Bol Bachchan infact he deserves the credit for Bol Bachchan.

by All Time best! (265k points)
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no way he deserved credit for Dhoom 3,it was not like dhoom 2 where Hrithik outshined him.
Blind aamir hater baazigar,abhi had a way more meaningful role in d2 plus in 2006 he was a bigger star than what he is currently.
ha ha ha blind aamir lover............
@Baazigar... Abhishek didn't desereve anything for D3. He had a stronger character in D2 although Hrithik stole the show. The entire second half & even in the climax, Abhi's character is made to overpower Hrithik's in D2 & that was totally missing in D3, that's why I said Abhi's character was made to look useless in D3.
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In D3 0% coz neither he had a meaningful role nor did he have any hand in collection coz of the superstar lead starcast.In BB i would say 40% credit should be given coz he had more screentime than Ajay plus Ajay isnt a huge superstar himself.

by All Time best! (268k points)
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Its like giving credit to cup in cupcake
or Salt in Colgate paste{You have seen that funny ad; Kya aapke toothpaste mai Namsk Hai! ) ....hihihi..

by Producer (110k points)
@baazigar-aur aamir ka sarfarosh,lagaan,rdb ka performance abhi ka bap amitabh bhi nahi de pata @moviez-in BB,Abhi had more screentime than ajay
abe assam ke gande naale me doob mar.aamir ki aukaat do kaudi ki bhi nahin hai AMITABH ke saamne.
@navo and bazigar; He has good screen space but people went for Shetty ajay combo and I can give him 30-35% credit because he acted well but For D3; Its Complete Aamir's show..Give 10-15% credit to ali jay combo because they are inseparable part of Dhoom franchises...

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