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in Archived by Assistant Director (56.9k points)
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Don't like him.
You don't like Ranbir, Ranveer, Sushant and aur jo bhi hain, unka name bhi bol do
No No, I like Ranbir, Ranveer is average, Sushant, nope.

5 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

I liked his acting from his serial days.(My cousin sister used to watch had seen a few episodes)..!!
In Kai Po Che he proved that he is an excellent actor...!!
I am egearly waiting for his upcoming films Detective Byomkesh Bakshi and Paani..In the next 2-3 years he can be the next superstar...

Wishing him a very happy b'day and lots of success in future...!!

by Star (151k points)
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+1 vote

His journey so far is like a dream coming true, he sets a example for those people who are outsider in industry and eying for a career there, he lived up his passion in my opinion and chasing his ultimate dream. He is blessed with talent and his luck is blessing him with opportunity, first he beacame a heartthrob of tv industry by playing charachter of maanav in pavitra rishta then he stepped in film industry with his adorable charachter of ishaan in 'kai po che' and then sdr happend which proved that he is here to stay, and now with his international project he will touch the sky of success and fame. I am glad that an talented outsider is getting so much affection,love and appreciation in industry, wishing this young blood a very very happy birthday and a great future ahead.

by Production Accountant (20.5k points)
+1 vote

He has superb future in Bollywood But He is nothing in Hollywood.

by Second Unit Director (78.2k points)
+1 vote

When i wrote my review of Kai po che,i said we have a future superstar here,and at that time i had no clue about his future projects like SDR also.I am being proven right.

by All Time best! (268k points)
Definitely you saw something in him and definitely he is superstar material and definitely he is working towards that goal only. Just see the line up, Detective Byomkesh, Paani, I mean he can be something which other superstar aren't. Successfull at both bollywood, hollywood level.
He is definitely a superstar material,he acts well and he has that in him to make him a big multiplex star.When HR came,every1 knew he is a superstar material.Though Sushant is no HR.
+1 vote

He might be next srk.both have lots of similarities like they from delhi,learned acting from barry john,first acted on tv.Sushant perform emotional scene very well.i saw him first in Pavitra rishta.he was doing one crying scene and that time i thought that these guy can become star in bolljywood.other similarities betweem him and srk is that both started working with yrf in early stage of career.

by Director (133k points)

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