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Those who are criticising Kejriwal are not realising he is doing it for our future and we should support him rather than these idiots who enjoy in their air condition offices.Present Indian Politics sucks.Who is shinde to direct Chief Minister of Delhi.
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Aap and Bjp ke clash ka indirect fayda congress ko milega plus after Aap took support from Congress(jo pehle chilla chilla ke gali de rahi thi congress ko and Kaha thi ki we will not take support from congreds and bjp in a press conference after results ; suddenly take reverse gear and took support from Congress; And give excuse that Dilli ki janta yahi chahti hai) whatever it is all I want to say:-Power ek nasha hai jo harr koi chahta hai plus Anshan, Criticism, Dharna will only give you threshold to do big; Bski how to do and make policy is important...Chhat pe Chadh kar ya Raaste pe So kar Desh nahi chalaye jati; Par Ye bhi jaruri hai thoda bahot to prove yourself Right....Right now everything is Power politics; nothing else...Lets see future mai kya hota hai...

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Kejriwal (AAP) & UPA are in a joint mission to stop BJP in General Election in 2014. (Reason: Because AAP is only targeting metro city where BJP have more chances to win)

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Modi will win but Congress will be decimated.

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