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It will be tough, it does not have the holiday benefit of Chennai Express and the hype of Dhoom 3 seems to be missing. It is banking on the star power of Salman Khan but you probably need a bit more than star power to get numbers like Chennai Express let alone Dhoom 3. The big holiday will not help much as it falls on a Sunday.
Oh g.one tune toh boi ke words copy paste kar ke daal diye? O.o

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Leave CE or D3,it wont be able to beat Ek tha tiger also.

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dabbang 2 k bare me kyaa bolta hai, will it cross dbng2..
main sure hn k Dabangg 2 ko cross nhn kr payegi......wanna bet????
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i dont think so.. if it does cross 200 crores then it will be the biggest achievement..!! because it presently has nothing going in favor of it..

according to me it should do 170 crores at least!

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It Has 30% Chances Now....

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It is very difficult ....jaiho can cross ce ...but it not has any holiday benifiti....i only want blockbuster status for jai ho ...means want 180cr+ .....i will be happy ....records ke liye kick hai .....

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sahi bola iss baar tu.........................

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