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New Boi has bought new surprises with it ... Bad Surprises..... Some changes are really Bad... Some stars are demoted thoroughly and some are promoted....We all know it is not good

But what can we do ... Will BOI stop... Will the Bollywood Industry Close.... No..... I must tell you the change in verdict of the movie of your fav. star will not effect him... So why it effects you.....Your Fav. Actor Should be Number One in your Heart ...

The good Films like Tzp , Cdi , Namastey London , Koi mil gaya , etc which were released some years ago have created a inspiration ine one's mind.... People have loved it... Will the change in verdict affect it?? .. No it won't....... I must tell you 90% people don't care about verdicts and 75% don't know what are verdicts...

So its my advice to accept the verdicts of   BOI with open heart ..... The fav. stars of all the users is loved by millions .. "The verdict Don't Matter ".

Let's Forget about it and make the fourm Cheerful AGAIN.
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I don't like the site but not because of my fav's star film verdict, it's just that subscription thing! Saarre records, collections, dekhne ke liye subscribe karna padega, woh bhi bade pese!

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I knw the star ranking has been done correctly coz i knw the formula(many who hvnt seen it b4 might be thinking why some stars hv neg points),that's why i am not shouting.A few verdicts are questionable.Bt i am not happy abt 1 thing,the subscription stuff.

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Most probable ranking after Jai Ho and D3 updated?
Salman 1,aamir 2,srk 3
Yes subscription Sucks....
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Yeh baat ki hai tune sau take sach!!!

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Thanks bro...
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You said truth, but what to do Akshay's ranking????????

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They have different formula to calculate a star ranking... you should ask Navo about it.... I don't know what the formula is... Yes I agree that any star rankings are Wrong..Totally Wrong.

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