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I think they have appointed Brandy/aditya sethia/Guggu singh as a advicer because he Hates Hr like hell and Love Rk as ●●●● plus he loves Srk and srk is now no1 allover ;) Hihihi jokes apart; I Called this Favoritism....They are Saying crap now...Bhaiya Pagletpan ki bhi limit hoti hai..Boi is now Krk v3.0 and Rakhi Sawant v2.0.....Beep Beep (I have censored my feeling according to PG13)

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BOI Admin

Ranbir Fan
Akshay Hater

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I really want to know how there star ranking system now works.

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Salute to awesomeness

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Is BOI Admin ke Liye Main ek Award ready rakha hain. The Award is a 20 Film DVD combo of RGV.

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