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  • First prize goes to Charlie'Runkle of 500 Rs Flipkart Voucher. He predicted two right congo! 
  • Second Prize goes to Playboy for the prize of 250 Rs. Congo, he came closest!
  • Deepak Bishty will be awarded with 2500 points for giving "Tabahi" predictions! :p
  • Maruf, Amol, Criminal and Zikr will be given 800 points each! 
  • Pallav Mathur awarded with 500 Points for clearing the confusion.

Congrats to all who got it right!

PS for Playboy/Charlie: If you can PM me your nearby Cinema's name. I can mail you a ticket for the prize of 250/500. Its Upto you. Tell me ASAP.

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Sorry for announcing it so late! Some issues! Thanks for being patient!

in Archived by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
100% Accept Rate

edited by
go for flipkart voucher bro,... bcoz if i book that 1 ticket then i cant seat along with ma frnds thats a issue,....
I have sent a PM with the Voucher details. Have a good time.
screenshot link is not proper,... send it again
got it

6 Answers

+5 votes
Best answer

charlie baba the prediction guru hahahaha i think his 3 out of 5 predictions r always bang on target...keep it up dude

by Unit Manager (38.3k points)
selected by
+5 votes

Congrats to all specially Charlie & playboy.

by Second Unit Director (72.8k points)
+4 votes

Conratulations to all the winners...!!
Charlie runkle and Playboy hamko party chahiye...!!

Special congratulations to Deepak for the best predictions..!!...

by Star (151k points)
Thanks brother...
tukka lag gaya tha.
+4 votes

@charlie..@playboy..congratulations to both..
where is the party tonight.
@zin..thanks and it is my request to atleast give 1000 points to pallav mathur for clear the confusion (you can deduct 1000 ppint from my account).

by Director (129k points)
Gave it. You deserve 2.5K.
@zin..thanks once again.
Thanks ... Deepak_Bishty special thanks to you...and keep it up ... Continue giving "Tabahi" prediction... You will win one day.. I am sure.
@ZIn haven't you got sponsor for Jai Ho Predictions.
+4 votes

Congrats To All Winners And Deepak Also.....Thanks To Pallav Who Cleared All Confusion.

by Producer (101k points)
Thanks for Your Thanks .....(Welcome).
+3 votes

Thanks Zin and All Admins/Mods.....

Congrates to all the winners.... Keep it up ..... It is great to see such Bollywood sense and Prediction capability.. ( y)

by Assistant Director (59.8k points)

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