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No matter who is heroine....Sk movie is Sk movie; Hardly matter who is supporting Cast...He makes heroine big; gives break to heroine....If someone underestimating Sk; then he is living in bubble...Right now Only Sk has Superstardom; Noone can compare that even his contemporaries like Aamir or Srk told this directly or indirectly...No change of collections for Kick because she will be completely overshadowed by Salman.....

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If Deepika Padukone was in Kick then 100% everyone will predict it to do 300 Cr and be the biggest grosser of the year. No doubt! Salman Khan is a Mega star, he has his own specific audiences and Deepika has her own. Both together = Mass destruction. In my humble opinion.

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According To Your Question,Deepika Is Bigger Star Than Salman?lol...

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It doesnt matter who is heroine only Salman is main thing.

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