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In 2011 biggest threat was ra one nd don2, still bg nd ready became top grossers and in 2012 biggest threats were jthj nd talaash still again ett n d2 became top 2 grossers,.. now again salman with 2 films will he again gives top 2 grosser in 2014 again,.... but this time biggest threat is monster combo of aamir - hirani wch has potential to take top spot,..... on other hand if jai ho does very limited business then srk-deepika starrer hny will considered as a threat bcoz srk- deepika-farah combo ,.,... MORAL OF THE STORY IS CAN THESE ALL COMBO'S STOP THE ONE MAN ARMY SALMAN KHAN BY GIVING TOP 2 GROSSERS OF THE YEAR,... WHT U THINK
in Archived by Unit Manager (31.5k points)
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Hv u noticed dat others r coming wid original films while ur bhai jaan is coming wid south remakes which were blockbusters down south. In short, shortcut to success. I wonder when will he stop betraying his fans n offer them smthing new instead of serving same crap over n over again.
lol remake is risky thing bcoz we already knew the story plus in down south people wont prefer to same movie to watch again ,... if south remake is shortcut formola then y BILLU failed huh lol,...
Billu wasn't a masala-action film like wanted, bodyguard but still it earned more dan yuvraj+mamk combined.
lol ab south remake se masala huh

5 Answers

+2 votes

I think top2 will be either pk or kick,then 3/4/5 can be any of HNY/Bang bang/Jai ho.

by All Time best! (268k points)
@Navo points for Yaariyan predictions?
DI aur yaariyan ka zin ya invi ne diya nahi kiya?
navo wht abt d3 prediction price
Yar d3 voucher ka zin ko bol,i dnt knw sponsor jugad hua tha ya nahi and i didnt ask also,awkward lagta hai isliye
+2 votes

In my opinion, this year will be great for Salman Khan. I pretty much believe that Kick can end up as the biggest grosser of the year! It has fantastic release date, good content and of course Salman Khan itself! Game on!

So now Eid is not a good date? C'mon man.
eid is good but fallin day is not that good m sayin
Awwh! But its Salman Khan so release dates doesn't matter!
Eid falls on monday or tuesday ..not on sunday .....
+2 votes

Then?What Will Happen?

by Producer (101k points)
+1 vote

Definately kick will finish either 1 or 2 but jai ho will finish at best in top 5...

by Director (130k points)
0 votes

Top 1 is kick for sure, Jai Ho will in the race of 3 or 4 Position in 2014.

by Assistant Director (51.9k points)

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