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in Archived by Assistant Director (56.9k points)
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I am only agree with Superstition as Christmas is always lucky for Aamir sir.

6 Answers

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Ei call this smartness or to be specific Opportunistic apporch...See Aamir has great record with Christmas plus it comes with good open weeks and holidays so That makes Christmas more favorable date..If no big big movies are releasing then whats the problem...Srk has same approch for Deewali; Sk with Eid; So Nothing wrong in this..All SuperStars are now looking for such dates because hardly one or max 2 movie release in a year so they want to cash fully....

by Producer (110k points)
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Yaar.. Kya fark padta june release aur x'mas release mein ? Ghante ka bhi fark nahi padta..
Farak sirf open weeks ka hai plus they want to cash Holiday season...
Mana farak nahi padta but they want to play safe; agar sk or Srk ne book ki hote Christmas toh wo aisa nahi katre; Abhi khali hai date..Regarding Bv ; wo Kashyap movie hai with limited target audience; no universal appeal; So usse unko farak nahi padta...
Chak de yara...
+4 votes

UTV bought the worldwide distribution rights for 118cr for a reason,why are you so jealous.

by All Time best! (268k points)
Aamir and Hirani always wanted to release on 1st half of 2014,utv bought the distribution rights,if they think they can make more in christmas which is lucky for aamir,why should aamir hirani interfere.
Utv had bought it o.O?
Yeh bata vidhu vinod chopra pk ko produce nahi kar rahe kya?
Vidhu Vinod Chopra will only be a presenter of P.K. It's being co-produced by Aamir, Raju & UTV.
Vidhu vinod is only a presenter,nothing else.dosti yari ke liye uska nam dal denge
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Release your movie on 2013 Eid is the act for Greediness & Cowardness (to begging jituji with help of his friend Karan Johar who is also good friend of Ekta for postpone their movie & later betray them all).

by Director (129k points)
Bhai right now to TGI Friday's..but free sirf Jan tak hi hu feb me work load aa jayega...
Resume ke liye hotel management course is compulsory...i am in supply chain dept. so mere liye jaruri nahi hai..
Bhai right now in TGI Friday's..but free sirf Jan tak hi hu feb me work load aa jayega...
Resume ke liye hotel management course is compulsory...i am in supply chain dept. so mere liye jaruri nahi hai..
Okay.. And maine majak kiya tha and tune puri ki puri history, geography bata di
Nahi bhai agar kisi ka bhala ho raha hai to badhiya baat hai..
+3 votes

My answer is same as Deepak.

by Second Unit Director (72.8k points)
+2 votes

Its smartness as it will get more open week and it will get more buzz as aamir coming after 1year.

by Director (133k points)
Bhai....its business...tell me any Khan;s movie in last couple of years...when they have selected their release date just for fun...
@abbie see yaar.. They selected a date.. And accordingly others selected their date.. And prepared posters even.. And now when came so close.. Postponned their film.. I mean there is an example of yjhd.. Now all know how productive post ipl season is.. They had 14 open days.. But still surrendered to their greediness.. They passed a wrong message with perhaps the best messagefull film in its time..
yaar charmer greediness nhi bol from films  is not so important for khans especially aamir and srk.its just to that to prove in market that how much big star they are.
@abbie-talaash had a normal release date
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Aamir says "money can't buy me". Bt sadly enough, money can make him postpone his film by 6 months jst fr an additional collections of 20-30 cr. So truth is, money can buy him.

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)
Kabhi dimag bhi use kiya kar.Its UTV who postponed it not Aamir.Aadhe srk'ian sudhar gaye tu kab sudhrega

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