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 negative factors like release month, not so good director, ok music but not like recent biggies, masala gener is near an end, no big heroin, comparative hype is not upto the mark, people are still in d3 mania. movie has only one positive factor which is salman.

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Agreed. Anything which it collects would be only because of Salman.
salman k stardom pe confidence nahi hai kiya tum logo ko......................
Kya? Bhai, hum keh rahe hain ke sirf Salman par film challe gi, Salman ko kisi our cheez ki zaroorat nahi, our tum keh rahe ho ke humein uske stardom par confidence nahi.
g one chawanbrash khaya karo , sehath ka toh pata nai but tere dimag ke liye bahot zaruri hai

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Considering it is a Salman movie & he is enough to get a bumper opening, and jai ho's bumper opening should be 25cr opening day and 75+cr opening weekend.....anything less than that will be considered that it has underperformed ....

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Nowdays Salman name is enough for bumper opening for any masala movies 25 Crores is looking surety now unless the movie is totally rejected like Besharam or Himmatwala but even in this case it will easily collect 20+.

answered by Director (131k points)
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But sadly it wont happen.

answered by Director (136k points)
after release
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excuses ready kar liya tune.

khans uss level pe hai unhe kisi k jaroorat nahi

answered by Unit Manager (32.4k points)
..g one tujhe release se pehle ye dhoom brand hai nai pata tha kya jo 20cr predict kar raha tha,. aur ab 33cr kardiya toh dhoom brand hogaya huh,... by the way d3 was completely aamir movie not like ce were dip was savin grace of the movie,...filman ban this looser ,
Playboy, hahahaha. Good point yaar! Our ban nahi karroonga aik hi baar se yaarra. Uski haalat ko samjha, meine upper comment bhi kiya hai ke Shahrukh ko itne saallon se highest grosser of the year nahi milli, to G.One jesa fan ki dimaghi haalat kharaab to hoggi na.
filman ,. char din badh ise aur ek torture milne wala hai, he predicted 19.5cr for jai ho openin day

......19.5cr openin day was just wayy 2 much wasnt it?????............

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answered by Assistant Director (52.4k points)
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Yes.. We saw it lol.....

answered by Mega Star (221k points)
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...............aao ji bao ji dil se dil milao ji..........................

answered by Production Accountant (27.7k points)
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If movie had same ticket price like others movie than there is high chance to collect around 22 cr opening day, I know it is excuse but this is also the fact that if movie has low ticket price than there is no way it can collect more.

answered by Location Manager (6.3k points)
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Tere prediction bade kaatil maar hi dalege

answered by Production Accountant (29.1k points)

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