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Karan: If you wake up as Katrina Kaif. Akshay: I will look at my ***. Akshay talk about his formula to achieve success, which he also tell us at Boss Screening. Akshay :: Big Banners don't take me so Ihave to do something, so I created my own small industry, Karan:: Now which has became the biggest brand . Akshay really tortured Karan (Bol Beta, lights off, generator off, Ab ye sochega)(Akshay: Jo raat ko jaagte hain vo ullu hote hain, Karan: I am the biggest ullu, Main toh teen baje sota hoon) Akshay rocked, loved full episode. Akshay ne toh Karan ko 2 baar dhamki di :: Do you really want me to go home?? Hilarious episode, full on entertainment
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ha ha.maine bhi dekha karan ki le li.
Man I missed it! I am gonna watch it on Internet now.

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Now im just in awe of his spontaneity man,
i mean he said if he wake as kat in the mornin he'll just watch his and then said as srk he'll have nicotine patch on his (you know shah smokes and has that issue, people use nicotine patch in such issues) which i didn't like it but it was damn funny and spontaneous.. But he didn't kept respect of Shah Rukh.. And im hurt!

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hahahaha........khol diya raaz aaj akshay ne! Matlab ahem-ahem....jarur koi baat hai NAMSTEY LONDON ke time se!
Tegil, kya raaz bro;??(share, share kya chal raha hai mind mein?)
jo priyanka chopra aur lara dutta ke saath kra tha!!! ;)
Jo krk bol raha hai, woh toh nahi? *** ka size bada? xD

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