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in Archived by All Time best! (284k points)
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8 Answers

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I salute his honesty and tell truth opinion isn't a easy matter!

by Editor (88.5k points)
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+2 votes

Even Aamir himself said he doesnt like to party and all and karan said he is a party abhi and uday said they also thought aamir was serious type bt later came to knw he was a mastikhor

by All Time best! (268k points)
In Rapid Fire man.He calls Imran Khan as overrated and Aish as Plastic.His Companion on the Show Mahesh Bhatt says that Kajol and Sanjay Leela are overrated and he walked out of Rockstar in the interval.
Then you just know they are 'straight forward' bhatts... They can say anythin, anytime and make you feel weird, awky
Emraan might have said that on the personal life of amir definitely not as an actor....
Man he was asked who is boring actor and he replied Aamir thats it.
+2 votes

Emraan the also a very boring person!

by Second Unit Director (77.1k points)
+1 vote

Thik hi toh kaha hai. Galat kya hai!

+1 vote

I don't about boring actor but yes he is the most versatile & talented actor since 1990...

And this is gift to Emraan Hashmi from my side..

by Director (129k points)
+1 vote

That is his personal view...which does;t mean that he is correct or wrong....he is just giving his opinion...
And for me/as per my opinion ...if he had called amir as a boring (bcos of acting)...then it is the uttermost crap u can say.....similarly for Mahesh Bhatt for calling Kajol as overrated....


by Unit Manager (30.2k points)
i agree kajol is overrated...............................
usko rone done k alawa kuch aata hai kiya.
+1 vote

agree with him
and btw he is also a boring actor.

by Unit Manager (32.2k points)
0 votes

What is the definition of 'boring actor'? I searched google and there is no such description of boring actor...........lets see if he elaborates about this or not that what are criterias to be called an actor as boring.....its like calling Anil kapoor lazy cause he keeps that moustache.......... This episode sounds fun lets see if he kisses Karan JOhar to make it entertaining or not.

edited by anonymous

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