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In Hyderabad - 

Ganga Cinemas, Dilsukhnagar (4 shows) - 11 am, 2.15 pm, 6 pm, 9.15 pm.

Total 583 seats - 11 am (51 tickets available, 532 tickets booked), 2.15 pm (62 tickets available, 521 tickets booked), 6 pm (45 tickets available, 538 tickets booked), 9.15 pm (40 tickets available, 543 tickets booked).

Ticket sale % - 92% tickets sold already.

Asian Radhika Multiplex: ECIL (5 shows) - 10.50am, 1.45 pm, 4.45 pm, 7.45 pm, 10.45 pm

Total 370 seats - 10.50 am (149 tickets available, 221 tickets booked), 1.45 pm (170 tickes available, 200 tickets booked), 4.45 pm (164 tickets available, 206 tickets booked), 7.45 pm (141 tickets available, 229 tickets booked), 10.45 pm (165 tickets available, 205 tickets sold)

Tickets sale % - 57% tickets sold already.

Cineplanet Multiplex: Kompally (5 shows) - 10.05 am, 1.05 pm, 4.05 pm, 7.05 pm, 10.05 pm

Total 776 seats - 10.05 am (365 tickets available, 411 tickets booked), 1.05 pm (373 tickets available, 403 tickets booked), 4.05 pm (365 tickets available, 411 tickets booked), 7.05 pm (368 tickets available, 408 tickets booked), 10.05 pm (364 tckets available, 412 tickets booked)

Ticket sale % - 53% tickets sold already.

Cinepolis: Manjeera Mall, Hyderabad (5 shows) - 9.30 am, 12.30 pm, 3.30 pm, 6.30 pm, 9.30 pm

Total 586 seats - 9.30 am (113 tickets available, 473 tickets booked), 12.30 pm (121 tickets available, 465 tickets booked), 3.30 pm (123 tickets available, 463 tickets booked), 6.30 pm (133 tickets available, 453 tickets booked), 9.30 pm (119 tickets available, 467 tickets booked)

Ticket sale % - 79% tickets sold already.

Tarakarama Cineplex: Kachiguda (4 shows) - 11.15 am, 2.15 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm

Total 556 seats - 11.15 am (173 tickets available, 383 tickets booked), 2.15 am (174 tickets available, 382 tickets booked), 6 pm (174 tickets available, 382 tickets booked), 9 pm (148 tickets available, 408 tickets available)

Ticket sale % - 70% tickets sold already


The other selected cinemas are,

In Mumbai, Chandan Cinema, Juhu (5 shows) & Cinemastar: Mahjiwada, Thane (5 shows) have just opened for advance booking.

In Delhi, Delite Cinema: Asaf Ali Road (5 shows) has opened advance booking.

In Pune, E-SQUARE Vishal: Pimpri (6 shows), E-SQUARE: University Road (6 shows) & E-SQUARE Victory: Camp (6 shows) have opened advance booking.

In Bengaluru, Cinepolis: Bannerghatta Road (5 shows), Urvashi Digital 4k Cinema (4 shows) & Rex Theater (5 shows) have opened for advance booking.

In Chennai, Abirami Cinemas (3 shows) have opened for advance booking.

In Madhya Pradesh, Cinemapolis: Aashima Mall, Bhopal 5 shows) have opened for advance booking.

In Gujarat, Cinepolis: Alpha One Mall, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad (5 shows) have been opened for advance booking.

In Punjab, Solitaire Cinemas: Ludhiana (10 shows) have opened for advance booking.

In Rajasthan, ERA: Maryamandir, Ajmer (5 shows), ERA: Cityplex: Jaipur (5 shows) & Cinepolis: World Trade Park, Jaipur (5 shows) have opened for advance booking.


Note: All data fetched through, the tickets are not replaceable or cancelled but the rights are with the theater owners who make the final decision so this much ticket sales are guaranteed. In case of single screens, few rows tickets will be booked/kept for themselves by the single screens which they'll be selling in black later so the "booked" tickets are otherwise called as guaranteed sales for the exhibitors.

And this is the current scenario on 19th Jan & the movie releases on 24th Jan, a good ample time for the advance booking to grow bigger.

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who the hell giving flags?????
suhas whts a ticket price is it same as d3 or less
@playboy... At Mysore the ticket prices will be same as what they used to be during Chennai Express that is 180rs (DRC Multiplex), 150rs (Satyam Multiplex) 80rs Balcony & 60rs Second Class(Single Screen).

In Hyderabad, average single screen price is 70rs for Balcony & the multiplex ticket prices are between 90rs to 125rs.

In Bengaluru, Cinepolis is charging 200rs, Urvashi is charging 250rs  Gold), 200rs (Silver) & 300rs (Platinum). Rex is having 160rs for Balcony & for stall 130rs.

In Mumbai, Chandan in Juhu is charging 130rs (Platinum), 99rs (Gold) & 75rs (Silver).

I can go on mentioning the prices all over, the point is Jai Ho hasn't increased the ticket rates at all as promised.
And the above prices doesn't include PVR chains who have not yet opened for advance booking.

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Get ready for a bumper opening.....

answered by Location Manager (5.5k points)
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30cr on first day for sure.
If film is accepted then wknd will be 90 to 95cr,1st wk 150cr and lifetime 200cr+

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27cr+ sure..........

answered by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
+4 votes

Film will take bumper star for sure and hopefully content will be good then expect a records crusher!!!

answered by Director (132k points)
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Wow great....btw why multiplexes r playing only 5-6 shows in Hyderabad.....normally they play 15-16 shows ,specially cinepolis manjeera mall (newly opened with 38 shows capacity )

answered by Director (125k points)
The complete showtimings are not revealed yet. These are the list of only selected theaters.
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27 Cr. Looks Possible Now...

answered by Mega Star (200k points)
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28 Crore Opening Is On The Card,May Be 30 Crore Also....

answered by Producer (101k points)
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............omg...........unbelievable scenario............

answered by Production Accountant (27.7k points)
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In bhubaneshwar and in delhi also advance booking is huge..more than 90% seats are all ready booked all over india advance booking started from today

answered by Production Designer (13.7k points)
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Jai Ho will have bumper opening no matter what and if review are on positive side then 1st day & 1st weekend records of Dhoom 3 in danger.
But realistically it is looking in the range of 27.5-28.5 Crores.

answered by Director (130k points)

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