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Yeahhhhh……!!!! Means The Biggest SRK Entertainer of All Time........wooooooohhhhhh

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+5 votes

They are not a reliable source. 120Cr is too much and a big gamble If true in my opinion.

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
It will have i think coz they are shooting it very expensively ie 2000 dancers on  grand scale shows their target
+4 votes

yes this srk's magnum 120cr is needed to match the quality

by Unit Manager (32.2k points)
+4 votes

Budget of HNY is high bcoz of being shot on large scale and then wat can we expect when srk is the producer he is known to give free hand for director for not 2 carb thier creativity for money

+3 votes

Acc to zoom budget of was 175crs and don 2 120crs so they don't have any proper information infact they showed don 2 collection as 213crs which is not true so don't beleive them

by Assistant Director (45.4k points)
edited by
Woh 213 worldwide hoga inc.tamil telugu,coz hindi worldwide was 206.
80-85cr ka budget hoga max.! Usse zyada nahi hota! Itni toh bdi movie nahi hai jo K3,RA.ONE type ho! Naa koi IMAX wala chakkar hai which increased budget of D3 (est. was b/w 75cr)!
Imax conversion me arnd 10cr laga d3 was shot at a grand scale isliye budget badh gaya...
+3 votes

> "Todenge Taale CHENNAI or Dhoom 3 Vaale".
--> India = 300 Cr.+
--> Worldwide = 600-700 Cr.


> Rab Ne Bna Di Jodi>Ghajini>3 idiots>CHENNAI EXPRESS>Dhoom 3>>>>>HAPPY NEW YEAR


> Kuch Samaj Aayi

by Mega Star (200k points)
edited by
coll ko dekh................................
Oh knwledge nahi to mat bol,ghajini broke d2 3 days b4 rab ne could cross d2.if u dnt believe me ask srk fan bt boxofficeexpert maruf
theek hai pehle toda lekin mei bolna chahta hoon
agar ghajni ek hafte aur late se relese hoti toh def rab ne pehle todta

iss hissab se dabangg ne 140cr kia tha jo ghajni k 115cr se jaida tha lekin woh meaningess ho gaya kyon k usse pehle 3 idiots e 2009 me ghajni ko break kiya

lekin d2 ka 80cr ko rab ne k relese k pehle kisi movie ne nahi kiya tha
isliye thoda credit rnbdj ko jata hai

pehle rab ne relese hui thi
agar 3 weeks later ghajni relese hot rab ne k toh pakka pehle ran ne d2 ka record totdta.
Lol abe yeh kya logic hai ghajini ek hafte aur der se release hota to,tab to d3 bhi 2014 me release hota to.hamesha yeh hota to woh hota to
+2 votes

I was expecting it's budget to be 100cr+ because it is a grand movie

by Production Accountant (27.8k points)
+1 vote

I Am Sure It Will Do Business Of 5 Times Of Its Cost....So,If It True,Then Its Good....That Means 120*5=600 Crore Worldwide.....So,Congrats To All Srkians....!!!

by Producer (101k points)
0 votes

Its srk movie......I won't be surprise if budget up to 500cr. He is indian movie standard take bollywood movie to hollywood standard is his dream!

by Editor (88.5k points)
0 votes

Yes....budget can be high...becos with time ...production cost is also going up....and also I believe although the cost will not be for any special effects but will be mainly for grand sets required for songs / dances as it is a musical heist film...

by Unit Manager (30.2k points)

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