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My Rating Is 5 Out Of 5..... Awesome Song.... Best Romantic Song Of The Year.....

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4.5 out of 5. This song was awesome, the best one for me.

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3.5/5! I could have given 5 out of 5, if it was a slow paced song! The background music of that drum or that percussion's makes the song a bit pacy and losing its steam!

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i liked the song.it is a very good song but not excellent.my rating 3.5/5.Titli is my favourite song from CE

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@Sanjiv Jha, Titli Is Also My Favourite....
yes buddy,Title is a very beautiful soft romantic song.just love it
I am Biki from BOD.......
i know yaar...........
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4/5 one of fav song from CE

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My fvrte 4m the album...4.5/5,loved the song..1 of the best romntic song of recent time

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