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So tsunami date has confirmed;; Aamir+Raju hirani+Christmas After 5 year back same History is going to Repeat....I think now BV will change its Release date because Noone wants to commit suicide by Releasing movie with this Lethal combo....Also now its allmost sure that in 2014 Highest grosser record will Crash several time..Just See the coincidence:-Sk Eid-Srk Deewali-Ak Christmas::-2014 will be Remembered As Khan Year (All khan with their favorite gener with favorite Release Date) Tahalka machne wala hai Bhaiya Iss Saal...

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Clash of Titans For the First Time...... (All are in Full form; favorite commercial gener with good release date) This will decide Who is Current No1 Khan (no fan can give any excuse this time)
Agreed With You......
@Moviezfun X mas release means clash....BTW itna Kyu sar chada rahe ho unko sirf ek ATBB to hi diya hai ab tak hisaab se to Farah-SRK combo ko to aur Izzat chahiye aur Aamir ko koi nai puchta...jab srk rule kar rahatha har ek clash jit raha tha phir bhi kaiyo ne Himmat ki takrane ki phir ye Aamir kya cheez hai......
Aamir wo banda hey jisne christmas pe 2atbb aaur ek superhit diya hae.Aaur jake 3idiot dekh beta taab jake pata chalega tujhe how great Aamir-Hirani combo is.
Phir to SRK Diwali me to hits pe hits, BBs pe BBs aur ATBBs pe ATBBs deta hai.....wo bhi 1993 se Usne Dream 60cr cross kiye not 200cr also Diwali+SRK =Dhamaka phir soch Aamir Kaha aur King Kaha
In current scenario,Aamir has 1st and 3rd highest grosser in india and 2highest grosser in overseas.So currently Aamir kaha Srk kaha
Hehehe Ab subject change mat kar mere bhai waise apna topic clash k uppar chal raha hai....I repeat apna topic clash k upar chal raha hai.......aur Mein ye keh rahatha k in OLD days when King was ruling without any competition still people dared to clash with him n then cried TO PHIR SOCH AAMIR KIS KHET KI MULI HAI....!!!
In current scenario,Aamir woh banda hey jiske pass 1st and 3rd highest grosser film in india and 2highest grosser film in overseas.Toh jara dimag laga  Aamir Christmas kya hoga???And correction Aamir has 3atbb
Toh main topic kahi answer deta hu,like u said when people dared to clashed with Srk then they cried later just like that agar koi Aamir+Christmas(Which has given 3atbb) would dare clash then they'll have to cry like hell after the clash.
Galti hui jo Tere Jaise bina akalwale se logic ki Baat ki par agar box office k Baare me itni khujili hai to phir ye may Bhul ki Wahi 5 years me 3 ATBB dene wala pehle 10 Saal Mein 2 hits hi de paya tha hehehe
That actually shows how great Aamir is.Even after having such bad time he has now become such big superstar.Respect#
raju yaar ye fight wight chor ye bata mera ek kaam karega kya?  mujhe wo samar hu main wala scene me se samar ki pic chahiye thi ek acchi si post banani sakta hai kya ? fb pages pe bahut hongi.....
Naa yaar,mere paas toh nahi hey paar Kashyap k paas jarur hoga.Ask him?
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If Aamir Khan is postponing PK to Christmas, then what about Welcome Back and Bombay Velvet?

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
Tum zin hi ho par actually zin bahut Pyara banda hai uske Saath hi forum ka Malik bhi hai. ...aur Malik hone k naate usse sabhi darna chahiye isliye usne ek dusra account Khola naam rakha Admin........
Exactly. Bilkul Sahi Kaha.
Oye chor jara humse bach k rahiyo hum sab Kuch aasanise jaan lete hai....!!
Roger that, Mac.
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Now this will surely change each and every equation in Bollywood this year as everyone know what will happen when 2 genius/legend work together.
300 club is on.

by Director (129k points)